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The ABAC Team

This is the team that makes the magic happen behind the scenes. From editing, coordinating the continuing education approval process, marketing, posting events, and issuing certificates of completion the ABAC Team is the backbone of the company.

Adrienne Fitzer, PhD, BCBA – Founder and CEO; Director of Continuing Education

Starting in the field in the mid 90’s as a “home-program therapist,” Adrienne spent the majority of her early career providing instruction to children ages 3-15 in homes, public and privates schools, and community settings. She soon advanced to supervisory roles, eventually helping to start a private school for learners with autism on Long Island. In 2006, after moving to New Jersey, she took a full-time role in a public school district that maintained a strong commitment to hiring a team of behavior analysts and integrating them into the district as employees. In 2013, Adrienne left full-time work and started ABAC, with the first iteration of the business failing. Adrienne decided to leave the field for the first time in almost 20 years during the summer and fall of 2014 to work as a nature teacher at a camp and then at a local farm, doing whatever she was asked to do. Soon she was providing behavior skills training to teach others how to operate the doughnut machine and running farm tours with preschool and kindergarten age children (which she continues to do each fall). At the beginning of 2015, Adrienne returned to ABAC with renewed energy and the great idea to provide high-quality instructional opportunities to professionals on a global level. She has been working on that ever since.

One of her favorite things to do at ABAC was to write about ethical behavior in a digital world, but when Adrienne stopped publishing blog entries for almost three years (2018-2020) it was for good reason. After being ABD (All but Dissertation) since 2008, Adrienne returned to graduate school to finish. It wasn’t easy. First, because she had been out of her doctoral program for so long, the department had her retake the oral exam. She spent three months studying and sat for a second time, 14 years and 11 days after her original oral exam. With that done, she devoted over a year to learning an entirely new topic area before submitting to IRB.

She started her dissertation research in the Fall of 2019 (all while running ABAC and functioning as the primary care giver for her two children). The last of the participants in her study finished the day before The City University of New York shut down all campuses in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 global health pandemic. While navigating how to keep her business open, her family healthy, and how to help the communities of people struggling in the wake of the 2020 health, financial and humanitarian crises in the United States, Adrienne committed herself to completing her doctoral degree. She never stopped researching her favorite topics- how folks collect and display data, running an ethical business, and online ethical behavior, she published a eight-hour webinar series, presented in four parts on the data collection and graphing during the time she was finishing her degree, continued to present on running an ethical business, and provided a sounding board for individuals who had concerns about the ethical behavior of colleagues in social media and website contexts.

In 2021, Adrienne is glad to be back to writing about her favorite topics for the ABAC community and beyond. Beginning with updates to her 2017 series on ethical online behavior she will lay out the problems, provide a foundation for decision making, and encourage professionals from the behavioral and mental health fields to adjust how they use social media and their websites as professionals. In February and March, Adrienne will introduce a second Taste of Research Series in which she shares some of her favorite reads and the must reads for folks who are interested developing their scope of knowledge about the science of behavior. Next, in the spring, Adrienne will reveal a brand-new series on ethics available to the public, but which will be tied to members only continuing education events.

We hope you will take the time to read one or more of Adrienne’s previously published series. Some have inspired product development, others are used in supervision and trainings, and a few have even been said to made to make people giggle. Whichever entries you read; she loves to hear from you. Let her know if you agree, disagree, or if you have used the information to improve your practice.


Carole Quinones, LCSW – Director of Marketing and Communications; Continuing Education Coordinator

One thing people mention when they talk about ABAC is how vibrant and appealing our graphics are. Seen on our website, across social media, and in our weekly emails, these eye catching designs are created by our Director of Marketing and Communications, Carole Quinones. Carole joined the ABAC Team in 2016 in an assistant to the CEO role (special projects manager), but with her keen eye for design, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to grow ABAC brand recognition, Carole was promoted to Director of Marketing and Communications in 2017. Carole is a licensed clinical social worker, with a background working in community behavioral health settings in Philadelphia. She has been a key player in expansion of ABAC programming and has identified areas where we can provide instruction in evidence-based practices to sister professionals working with individuals with special needs outside of educational or specialized clinic settings.

Amy Lamberts – Technical and Administrative Specialist, Special Projects

Amy Lamberts joined the ABAC team in early 2019. She has a degree in journalism/PR and a background in human resources and employee relations and has helped complete continuing education sponsor applications, participated in product development, and has done valuable market research. We look forward to seeing Amy’s role at ABAC grow as ABAC grows.