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Become a RUBI Certified Therapist

Prerequisite Requirements

  • 12 hours of instruction in the RUBI Parent Training Program delivered via ABAC.
  • A Master’s degree or doctorate in a relevant discipline
  • Education in ABA principles (e.g. coursework, intensive workshops, etc.)
  • Education in ASD/neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g. coursework, intensive workshops, etc.)
  • A minimum of 1 year supervised experience working with learners with ASD or related disabilities

Participation Requirements

Participation is defined as:

    1. Securing a minimum of one family to work with by the 3rd week in the program, a second family by week 6, and a third family by Week 9.*
    2. Submitting a weekly set of questions 
      1. Weeks 1-3: Implementation preparation questions
      2. Weeks 4-10: Case-related questions and/or implementation related questions.
    3. Viewing 11 recordings of Dr. Karen Bearss implementing RUBI sessions and completing any required accompanying activities.
      • This activity is eligible for Continuing Education for some professionals
    4. Completing and submitting required activities assigned by Dr. Karen Bearss.
    5. Attending a minimum of 50% of training sessions live.
    6. Submitting recordings for the fidelity checks beginning Week 12.
    7. Adhering to the requirements as laid out in the contract with Dr. Karen Bearss.

Application and Requirements

  • You will be required to submit copies of prerequisite documentation, CV or resume, and current proof of accredited certification (i.e. BCBA), license, or supervised employment and certificates of completion from the three required RUBI workshops.
  • Application will also require you to answer questions regarding availability and your ability to secure families to work with during the 24- week program

Required Signed Paperwork

  • Agreement for Consultation Services between Karen Bearss, PhD and Provider*
  • Consent, Release, and Waiver and Terms of Use*
  • Consent for Data Review and Video Recording of RUBI Parent Training (we recommend securing this permission from more than one family)**

*Included in application **Competed after acceptance into program

Annually RUBI Certified Therapists are required to:

  • Submit renewal application (sent to Certified RUBI Therapists one month prior via email)
  • Demonstrate that they still hold their license and/or certification in good standing
  • Schedule and attend a 15 minute check-in interview that will allow RUBI Certified Therapists to ask questions, request additional training, and allow trainers to find out how therapists are doing in their practice
  • Pay a $50 renewal fee 

It is possible to lose the right to use the title. Please read the last section on this page carefully.

Will there be a continuing education requirement?

We are mindful that you have other continuing education requirements to maintain your professional license and/or certification. To ensure that practitioners remain up-to-date, ABAC and RUBI will continue to develop webinars that complement the initial 12-hours workshops and the consultation hours so that practitioners can earn continuing education credit hours for their professional license or certification and continue to add to their RUBI Parent Training Program knowledge base. At this time however, specific continuing education will not be required to maintain the right to use the title RUBI Certified Therapist. The addition of a CE requirement would not be done without considering the input of all Certified RUBI Therapists and those enrolled in cohorts.


Is it possible to lose the right to use the title?

Practitioners who go for a period of 18 months or more without implementing the RUBI Parent Training Program with families will be removed from the RUBI website and will be required to complete the fidelity portion of the program again within a 3-month period in addition to scheduling four 15-minute consultation sessions during that time. While the cost to go through this part of the process will be somewhat less than the original tuition, we urge individuals to strongly consider whether they intend to implement the RUBI Parent Training Program consistently before applying. In the event of a unavoidable circumstances that render a RUBI Certified Therapist unable to practice for 18 months, costs will be offered at a sliding scale.

Those who do not maintain a license or certification in good standing, those that are guilty of criminal activity such as (but not limited to) endangerment to children, and those who do not complete the annual renewal and/or those who do not attend a required check-in will be prohibited from using the RUBI Certified Therapist title and will be removed from the RUBI Website. A RUBI Certified Therapist is forbidden to train others to be RUBI Certified Therapists without expressed written permission from Dr. Karen Bearss or designated representatives of the RUBI Autism Network. To do so would result in a loss of the title, removal from the RUBI website, and legal action. We reserve the right to update these conditions over time if deemed necessary and will update the website, and make all current RUBI Certified Therapists and those enrolled in a cohort aware of changes as they occur.