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Becoming a RUBI certified therapist means not only have you attended a total of 32 hours of RUBI instruction and consultation (divided between the RUBI workshops and the 20 consult hours) but that an expert in RUBI has done fidelity checks and provided detailed feedback on your parent training sessions.

Become a RUBI Certified Therapist

This LIVE online program is offered exclusively by ABAC in partnership with Dr. Karen Bearss, Director, RUBI Clinic at the Seattle Children’s Autism Center

RUBI Certified Therapist

Professional Recognition

Upon completion of RUBI Certification, you can advertise yourself as a Certified RUBI Therapist.

Expand Company Offerings

Your agency/ organization can advertise having an “In House” RUBI Therapist on staff.

Provider Listing

Participants will be listed in the provider directory on the RUBI website.

Certificate of Recognition

Participants will receive a printed certificate recognizing their status as a Certified RUBI Therapist.

Continuing Education

Built in continuing education opportunities.

20 one-hour sessions of weekly, small group consultation by Dr. Bearss in the clinical delivery of the RUBI Parent Training Program

Dr. Bearss will provide detailed information during a separate introductory session and will outline the  discussion themes of the upcoming weeks. During each one-hour session, Dr. Bearss will address case implementation queries* submitted by the group members during the week prior. Each query will be addressed for 15 minutes with a total of four queries covered per week. The sessions are interactive and all group members will have video and microphone access during the discussion. Participants should attend all of the sessions live but the sessions will be recorded in the case of an emergency.**

*Required: Agreement for Consultation Services between Karen Bearss, PhD and Provider

**No continuing education will be given for viewing the recording.


Fidelity review of RUBI sessions, with personalized feedback on program implementation

Approximately half-way into the program, group members will begin recording RUBI appointments with clients.* This critical part of the process requires participants to upload video or audio recordings of RUBI sessions on a HIPAA-compliant website. A RUBI-certified trainer will review each recording, one for each of the 11 core RUBI sessions, and provide a detailed report on the implementation of session content.

Participants must meet 80% fidelity on all 11 core sessions to become a RUBI Certified Therapist.

*Required: Parent Consent for Data Review and Video Recording of RUBI Parent Training (we recommend securing this permission from more than one family).

How big are the training group?

Each training group will include a maximum of 4 professionals at any time. Group members will be added in a rolling admission fashion.

What if I don’t get into a group? Can I still use the RUBI manual to run sessions?

Of course! As Dr. Bearss often explains, the RUBI manual was designed to be used by licensed and/or certified behavioral and mental health professionals without extensive need for training.  Note: we will be running small group 1-hour consults available to folks who are not in a cohort which will allow for those in your position to receive some RUBI implementation consultation.

Is this a credential?

No. You do not hold a credential but are given the right to use the title RUBI Certified Therapist. You must practice within the confines of the law, follow the ethics codes and guidelines of your profession, and never practice outside your scope. You may not train others to be RUBI Certified Therapists.