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FBA Interviews and Observations: What you Never Learned 

A six hour webinar workshop in 2 parts


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General Information

FBA Interviews and Observations: What you Never Learned

A six hour webinar workshop in 2 parts

Dr. Tara A. Fahmie, BCBA-D

Live! Wednesday  2/17/21 &  2/24/21
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm eastern (New York)

Recording Access Period: Video closes 10 days after part 2  on 3/6/21 11:59 pm (eastern) 


In this workshop series, you will learn about (and practice!) several strategies to increase the impact of your interviews and observations during a functional behavior assessment (FBA). The first part of the workshop will focus on the interview process. Dr. Fahmie will describe the components of the interview; provide in-depth tips for scheduling, improving your communication style, ensuring objectivity, taking notes, building rapport, asking questions clearly, and responding to challenges; and cover the biggest mistakes that new interviewers make during this process. Part I of the workshop will culminate in an interactive activity that involves conducting an interview, graphing the outcomes, interpreting the graphs, and receiving ample feedback. The second part of the workshop will focus on the descriptive assessment (i.e., observation) process. Dr. Fahmie will provide information on the key components of the descriptive assessment and teach participants how to use the outcomes to inform either a subsequent functional analysis or function-based treatment. Participants will learn how to summarize large amounts of descriptive data in a way that is easy to analyze, and will also practice several data collection techniques that will help their descriptive assessment outcomes inform more than just a hypothesis about function.

Learning Objectives

Part 1: Interview Workshop:
1. Attendees will identify the critical features of an indirect assessment
2. Attendees will identify and link the results of an indirect assessment to future assessments or treatment planning
3. Attendees will practice interviewing strategies that improve the validity and efficiency of outcomes
4. Attendees will identify common errors made during the interview process

Part II: Descriptive Assessment:

1. Attendees will identify 7 basic steps in conducting a descriptive assessment

2. Attendees will identify at least 10 ways that the descriptive assessment can be used to inform a subsequent functional analysis or function-based intervention

3. Attendees will identify and evaluate the limits of functional interpretations from descriptive data alone

4. Attendees will practice collecting data that will serve multiple purposes for the most efficient FBA

Presenter Bio and Disclosure Statement

 Dr. Tara Fahmie is currently the Associate Director of the Severe Behavior Program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Munroe Meyer Institute. She previously held an appointment as associate professor at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). She earned her master’s degree from the University of Kansas, under the mentorship of Dr. Gregory Hanley, and her PhD from the University of Florida, under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Iwata. Dr. Fahmie is a BCBA-D and has over 15 years of experience implementing behavior analysis with various populations in clinics, schools, and residential settings. Her main area of expertise is in the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior; she has conducted research, authored chapters, and received grants for her work in this area. Her initial interests in the functional analysis of problem behavior and acquisition of social skills in young children led to her emerging passion for research on the prevention of problem behavior.


The presenter(s) and/or presenters’ family members do not have financial
arrangement or affiliation with any of the products, organizations, or programs mentioned during this talk.



12:00 pm: Introduction
12:05 pm: Webinar begins
1:30 pm: 10 minute break
1:40 pm: First Q&A session
1:50 pm: Webinar resumes
2:00 pm: Interactive Activities
3:00 pm: Evaluation, post-test and code submission forms

Credit Hour Information

Behavior Analysts earn 6 CEUs* (Learning)

Must pass post-test with 80% or above and submit all attendance codes

  • CEs not available for other professions

*CE for viewing Live or Recording         ** CE for viewing LIVE ONLY

For ABAC’s continuing education approvals statements please view our Continuing Education page

Target Audience

Professionals for whom the topic is within their scope of practice. We welcome students and others who are interested in the topic to join us.

Not all interested parties may receive continuing education for this event. Check credit hour information for professions eligible for continuing education. Please also check the level of the event and learning objectives to make sure it is appropriate for you.