An Introduction to the Standard Celeration Chart and Precision Measurement


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General Information

Title: An Introduction to the Standard Celeration Chart and Precision Measurement

Presented By: Elizabeth Haughton and Elizabeth (Liz) Lefebre M.A., BCBA, LBA

LIVE Webinar Date: Wednesday 9/23/2020

Time: 12:00 pm -2:00 pm Eastern (New York)

Recording Availability: 9/24/20 - 10/3/20  at 11:59 pm eastern (New York)


Ogden Lindsley was a pioneer in the field of Behavior Analysis and instruction. Lindsley designed the Standard Celeration Chart and an accompanying measurement and decision-making system (Precision Teaching) to provide a unique and sensitive approach to improving behavior. This chart and system have led to discoveries in the field of Behavior Analysis, teaching and a variety of other fields, allowing for significant improvement in the lives of those affected by it. As such, this GIFT provides something for all of us whose lives it has touched to be grateful for. Topics to be addressed in this webinar include 1) Identifying benefits of using a standard display (Standard Celeration Chart) for data analysis, 2) Discussing the ethics of using a standard display (Standard Celeration Chart) for data analysis, and 3) Learning about pinpointing and how to select appropriate pinpoints across academic/learning social and personal pinpoints.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify benefits of using a standard display (Standard Celeration Chart) for data analysis.
  • Identify ethical reasons for using a standard display (Standard Celeration Chart).
  • Identify Academic/Learning, Social and Personal pinpoints to be selected.

Presenter Bios and Disclosure Statement

Elizabeth Haughton, Founder of the Haughton Learning Center is a highly recognized educational consultant, and recipient of both the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and the ‘Our Teacher Award’ from the Standard Celeration Society; however, she is most proud of the awards implicit in her students' accelerating charts. Elizabeth has touched the lives of thousands of professionals, children, and their families. She has also helped numerous others start and run their own schools and learning centers. Her fluency-based curricular materials, assessment tools, and instructional programs are in use around the world today. Elizabeth is carrying on the work of her late husband, Eric Haughton, who as a student of Ogden Lindsey, was a pioneer in the development of Precision Teaching.

Liz Lefebre began in the field of Behavior Analysis as a Precision teacher in 2003. Liz has a passion for helping children access the highest quality behavioral and educational services in all environments. Her broad clinical experience includes 15 years of training and practice ranging across a variety of areas including Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, instructional design, early intervention, intervention of challenging behavior, curriculum development and modification and academic skills, and experience transitioning larger organizations from traditional ABA models to Precision Teaching ABA models. This experience informs her ability to develop meaningful and appropriate treatment plans, conduct intensive skill and data analysis, and ensure her clients learn to the best of their ability, in addition to helping organizations improve their quality of service and outcomes for clients. Liz’s expertise in development of training systems and models, implementation of training systems, and consulting in a variety of contexts including schools, homes, and other private organizations, provides her with a wide range of practice. Liz currently owns a private practice, Accelerate Learning Specialists International, with locations in Seattle, WA and Hong Kong. Liz currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Standard Celeration Society.

 Elizabeth Haughton and Elizabeth Lefebre do not receive speaker fees for presenting as part of the ABAC/Standard Celeration Society Collaborative Project. These fees are donated directly to the Standard Celeration Society(TM).



12:00 pm: Introduction
12:05 pm: Webinar begins
1:45 pm: Q&A opportunity
2:00 pm: Evaluation, post-test and code submission forms

Credit Hour Information

Behavior Analysts earn 2 CEUs*

Must pass post-test with 80% or above and submit all attendance codes

  • CEs not available for other professions

*CE for viewing Live or Recording

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