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Component Composite Analysis of Motor Skills & Collaboration between Behavior Analysts and Occupational Therapists



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General Information

Title: Component Composite Analysis of Motor Skills and Collaboration Between Behavior Analysts and Occupational Therapists

Presented By: Jonathan Amey, M.Ed.

LIVE Webinar Date: Thursday, June 04, 2020

Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm eastern (New York)

Recording Availability: 6/5/20-6/15/20 11:59 pm eastern (New York)



Motor skills are an essential component of every task we ask our learners to do. Common tasks like holding a pencil, washing hands, stocking shelves, completing a puzzle, playing hopscotch, or simply turning to face a friend at the lunch table all require sophisticated sequences of movements. A thorough Component Composite Analysis is required to successfully teach these typical activities. This webinar will cover the individual motor skills necessary to complete common daily activities and how to develop a program for implementation in the school, clinic, and home settings. Emphasis will be placed on the systematic instruction of joint range of motion, coordinated flexibility, and fine motor activities. Collaboration with allied professionals, specifically occupational therapists, will be discussed. The webinar will include useful team worksheets for brainstorming foundation skills across common tasks. Participants will come away with strategies to guide teaching and enable learners to better affect their world through coordinated motor movement.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to identify whether a skill is a tool skill, a component skill, or a composite motor skill
  • Participants will be able to select the definitions of terms related to motor planning and instructional design.
  • Participants will identify 3 areas within the motor skills instructional framework for interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Participants will identify motor scope components of program for an activity of daily living.

Presenter Bio and Disclosure Statement

Jonathan Amey M.Ed. is the founding director of Agile Instruction and Management Solutions (A.I.M.S) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Combining his sports medicine background with Precision Teaching, Jonathan focuses on building gross motor repertoires in students across a broad spectrum of abilities.  Over the last 18 years, Jonathan has designed and implemented school-wide gross motor skills wellness groups and utilized precision measurement to continually develop and expand a growing curriculum of gross and fine motor movements. Jonathan currently consults with clinics, schools, and families in both the United States and abroad.  He has presented his work at numerous conferences and is the manager of the Multidisciplinary Skills Development special interest group within the Standard Celeration Society.

The presenter(s) and/or presenters’ family members do not have financial arrangements or affiliations with any of the products, organizations, or programs mentioned during this talk. 


6:30 pm: Introduction
6:35 pm: Webinar begins
8:15 pm: Q&A session
8:30 pm: Evaluation, post-test and code submission forms

Credit Hour Information

Behavior Analysts earn 2 CEUs*

Occupational Therapists earn .2 CEUs**

  • Must pass post-test with 80% or above and submit all attendance codes
  • CEs not available for other professions

*CE for viewing Live or Recording
** CE only for viewing Live

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