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ABACLive Cambridge Center Series Presents Matt Tincani, PhD, BCBA-D: Conducting and Appraising Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses of ABA Research



General Information

Title:  Conducting and Appraising Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses of ABA Research

Presented By: Matt Tincani, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Recording Available 3/28/20-4/30/20


Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are valuable tools to explore research questions about the effectiveness of ABA interventions. Systematic reviews employ strategies to carefully cull the research literature to answer specific questions, whereas meta-analyses aggregate the effects of interventions across multiple studies. In this webinar, Dr. Tincani will overview the rationale and strategies for appraising and conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Specifically, he will discuss the kinds of research questions appropriate for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, current best practices for extracting studies, and strategies for data aggregation and analysis, with a specific focus on single-case research. Issues related to preregistration, publication bias, and the pros and cons of various statistical methods will be explored.

Learning Objectives

--Participants will be able to identify the importance of systematic reviews and meta-analyses for appraising ABA research.
--Participants will be able to identify research questions appropriate for a systematic review or meta-analysis.
--Participants will identify strategies for extracting studies and aggregating data for systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
--Participants will identify advantages and disadvantages of non-overlap and statistical methods for aggregating single-case findings.

Presenter Bio and Disclosure Statement

Dr. Matt Tincani is professor and chairperson of the Department of Teaching and Learning at Temple University. He focuses on the application of behavioral principles to improve language, academic, social, and play skills of learners with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities, with particular interest in Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior.  His most recent work has explored issues of publication bias in single-case research, where he has advocated for publishing studies that do not yield experimental effect. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2000, he was previously coordinator of Temple's graduate program in applied behavior analysis, in addition to his longstanding affiliation with the special education program.  

Dr. Tincani has no financial relationships relevant to this presentation.

Credit Hour Information

Behavior Analysts: 3 CEUs for Live & Recorded webinar
Social Workers/ Counselors/ Psychologists: Not Eligible

  • Must pass post-test with 80% or above and submit all attendance codes
  • CEs not available for other professions

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This webinar is 3 hours long. It begins with a short intro and the presenter starts speaking soon after. At the end of the event, participants are required to submit an evaluation, take and pass a post-test and submit attendance codes.