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We have identified a few reasons why a certificate does not download:

1) Your browser’s pop-up blocker is preventing the processing and download of the certificate.

  • If you selected two professions that you need certificates for and only one downloads, this is most likely the reason. You must allow pop-ups from to download both certificates.
  • Once you do that go back to the My Certificates tab and press download certificate once more. Both certificates should download onto your computer.

2) You are using an outdated version of an internet browser or using a browser that is not compatible. We recommend you use Chrome or Firefox.

3) There is no certificate available for the profession you identified. For example: CE is available for psychologists but not occupational therapists. You entered in occupational therapist so there is no certificate available.

4) You are attempting to download the document on your phone or tablet. Please download onto a computer.

If after you allow pop-ups on your browser and determine that you are using an up-to-date browser you still can’t download a certificate, and you are sure your profession is CE eligible, email for assistance.