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Checkout and Certificate

How do I get Continuing Education or a Certificate of Attendance?

To get a certificate showing your earned credit* or that shows you attended you will need to:

1. Check-out of the conference portal

-Mark each section "complete."
-Fill out code-submission form
-Press Submit and Fill out Evaluation Form

2. Double check that your profile is updated with your license or certification number.

3. Go to the My Certificates tab in your dashboard and download certificate.

Mark Each Section As Complete

After you visit an area found in the side menu press the “mark as complete” button at the bottom of the section.

-When you "Mark as Complete" you tell the system you are making your way through the webinar portal.

-You can return to a space after you mark it complete.

Code-Submission Form

Go to Code-Submission Form tab in side menu

  1. Press “Start Quiz” to begin.
  2. Select the codes shown during a presenter’s event.
  3. You must submit all codes for all events to get a CE certificate.

Missed a code? We offer recording access. Check Overview Section in webinar portal for recording access information.

Press Submit and Complete Evaluation

  1. Course Progress should be 100% after completing the code-submission form (Progress bar is above the side menu).
  2. If course progress is not 100%, go back and make sure you marked each section as complete.
  3. When course progress is 100% you can check out by clicking Submit Course at the top or bottom corner of the conference portal.
  4. Once you submit the evaluation form will appear on your screen. Please complete the entire form. It should take about 15 minutes.


Download your Certificate


When you are done with the evaluation, head over to your student dashboard found at>my account
Go to the My Certificates tab > You will find your certificate there.