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Login Instructions for Annual Meeting Attendees:

To log in to the ABAC learning management system and access the webinar platform:
• Go to abacnj.com
• Click on the my account tab at the top right of the abacnj.com site
• Enter in the email address you enrolled and your password (To set up a password: Reset your password using the lost password feature)
• Log in.
• You will see a “course” list in your dashboard area.
• Find the Course: Ma26. Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Annual Meeting
• Press “Enter Webinar Portal”: This will bring you to the course portal.
• Follow the on screen instructions to “start course”

On the side menu under Presentations there will be a tab for the Meeting of the Trustees. Please go to that tab for the BOD meeting.

Tip – Do not use Safari or Internet Explorer as your browser. They do not work well with the system (or many others for that matter!).