Login Instructions for Conference Attendees:

To log in to the ABAC learning management system and access the webinar platform:

Go to abacnj.com

  • Click on the my account tab at the top right of the abacnj.com site
  • Enter in the email address you enrolled and your password (To set up a password.
  • Reset your password using the lost password feature).

Log in.

  • You will see a “course” list in your dashboard area.
  • Find the Course: 2nd Annual CCBS Leadership and Supervision Conference.
  • Press “Enter Webinar Portal”: This will bring you to the course portal.

Follow the on screen instructions to “start course”

  • You will see the “lobby” after you click the start course button.

Tip – Do not use Safari or Internet Explorer as your browser.

The conference isn’t showing up in my course list! Help!

1) If there are NO courses in your course list, switch browsers to Chrome or Firefox

2) If the troubleshooting module and “what you need to know before your first ABAC webinar” modules are in the course list but the conference is not-

You may have registered with a different email than you signed in with or someone else may have registered you but under their account. Please make sure to log in before event day to check so we have time to help you. Email Caroleq@abacnj.com if you need assistance in this case.