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Our Purpose


To connect professionals with the experts who can teach, mentor, and guide them.

Our Mission

ABAC, LLC. is a continuing education and professional development center. Our mission is to reach all professionals (including those in rural areas, areas with limited resources, and the international community) who work with individuals with a wide range of needs in order to foster collaboration by sharing valuable information about ethical and evidence-based treatment and practice.

Our Values

Our company culture is rooted in the tenets of the golden rule, teamwork, inclusion and acceptance, and giving back and provides a solid foundation for ongoing organic growth inspired by the needs of our employees, our guest speakers, and most importantly, the global community of professionals we support.

Our Story

Why we do it:

ABAC, LLC has one purpose – to connect professionals working with at-risk, vulnerable, under-served individuals with or without disabilities with the experts who can teach, mentor, and guide them. Why? Because when we have access to the resources we need, we can make a difference.

What do we mean by individuals at-risk? We consider an at-risk individual anyone who could be harmed or who could commit harm physically, emotionally, financially, professionally or otherwise. All people may be at-risk at one point or another in their lives and may be at-risk for harm in multiple ways at the same time.

What we offer:
Since we offered our first webinar in 2015, ABAC, LLC. has specialized in sharing evidence-based practice and ethical practices to those that work with individuals with and without developmental disabilities. A global community of professionals has been given ongoing opportunities to attend live webinars covering the most-up-to-date information on approaches to:
  • reduce the use of physical restraints as an approach to control behavior
  • assess and treat severe problem behavior
  • teach language and communication
  • teach activities of daily living, life skills, independence
  • increase cultural sensitivity in therapeutic and educational contexts
  • support parents of individuals with special needs
  • recognize pseudo-scientific and dangerous “treatments” for autism
  • decrease risk to client data when using information and communication technology
  • building and maintaining ethical small businesses


Who we serve:

  • Thousands of professionals including behavior analysts (BCBA, BCBA-D, & LBA), behavior techincians (RBT), psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech and language pathologists, teachers, nurses, administrators, and parents from around the world have attended webinars on the assessment and intervention options for a wide range of behavior across populations.
  • Licensed and/or certified behavior analysts, licensed psychologists, certified counselors,  social workers, and even nurses are eligible for continuing education (known as CE hours in many professions or Type II CEUs for behavior analysts) for taking ABACLive webinars (behavior analysts, psychologists, and some other professions can even earn CEs for viewing a recording of the live event during the recording access period). Teachers, school administrators, and others are typically able to earn professional development certificates for viewing our webinars.
  • We provide family members of those with special needs a 60% discount on all of our webinars since we started offering them in early 2015.

In addition, we have introduced programs dedicated to giving charity, met the needs of those who cannot make our live events due to being in incompatible time zones, and continuously work on ways to extend our reach and accessibility. In fact, we have audience members that represent every continent except Antarctica!


How we do it

Serving a large community of professionals from sister disciplines has some challenges but none that are insurmountable. Since the very beginning ABAC has grown based on the feedback of the “ABAC Community,” which consists of our audience, our followers, our speakers, and our team. The work that happens behind the scenes occurs because of the kindly given, thoughtful, and meaningful feedback from people who appreciate and believe in this “small business that could, can, and will” and there is nothing better than our audience members letting us know how happy they are that we offer a diverse range of topics and speakers, have consistently high-quality presentations, are attentive to needs of the audience from registration all the way to the delivery of certificates of completion, and most importantly, that we are providing them with easy access to experts in the field who are giving them tips, tools, and strategies that improves their practice.

Most of the time we get feedback that makes us excited to make changes and accommodate individuals in a wide variety of ways without compromising the quality of our webinars. We offer an enhanced experience, current, up-to-date, and clinically relevant topics tailored to both those who want advanced instruction in assessment and treatment as well and those that want exposure to timely and unique content presented by the people who live, breathe, research, and practice what they teach. That doesn’t mean we don’t work hard to make great content available to as many people as possible. We offer free events monthly, specially priced webinars designed to bridge the gap between the disciplines, and are introduce new options throughout the year based on your feedback.