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The short answer? It is because I am so very grateful.

In 2014, I closed the doors of my recently opened company, The Applied Behavior Analysis Center, Inc. (ABAC), and took an 8 month self-titled “sabbatical”  (for those of you who are interested in why, read my farewell post on Linkedin).  I started a community garden at a local day camp and spent the summer as the camp’s “nature lady,” and when school started, I went to work at a local farm store doing everything from stocking glass bottles of milk to making apple cider doughnuts.

Away from it all, for the first time in a long time, I was able to think clearly.  I figured out what ABAC would look like when I reopened it in 2015 and planned my goals through 2018. From the start, those goals included the development of ABACGives.

ABACGives was born when I discovered the conscious capitalism movement and started learning about companies that are built on a positive culture, developing products and services that are designed to help others, and social responsibility. In line with that model, I committed to one day developing a program that would allow ABAC to give back to the customers, employees, guest speakers, and strategic partners who helped the company become successful.

I am proud to announce that ABAC was able to add the ABACGives division ahead of schedule. ABACGives will begin scheduling free 20-30 minute webinars promoting wellness and prevention for those parents and professionals who do the most amazing job taking care of others but who sometimes don’t do so great a job taking care of themselves. In addition, ABACGives will choose a fundraising initiative important to one of our customers or employees. ABACGives will work to spread the word about their teams, their causes, as well as help raise funds by participating with their team, donating the proceeds of a webinar, and more. This week, and always, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I thank for being part of the ABAC Community. I thank you for your support, your patronage, your referrals, and your feedback. I wish all of you, near and far, a happy and healthy holiday season.

Sincerely,  Adrienne

( If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to email me at